The primary focus of 5th Wall Studio is to develop and present creative work, create and curate intimate performance experiences, and teach.

5th Wall comes out of a long history of Flying theater choreography, direction and creation. We are informed by years of performing in theater, circus and dance across world stages, stunts in film and television, martial arts and in national level gymnastics. We create intimate performances as with our show Breaking Surface. We coach, train & choreograph flying theater as in Julie Taymor’s Midsummer Nights Dream. And we also collaborate with artists or event designers to develop work like the Count Basie's Annual Gala or Target's Fall into fashion campaign and others. 

We love teaching the skills & techniques we’ve developed, performed and trained, and we regularly bring in like-minded teachers of exceptional caliber to enrich our community. Our style is a unique blend of acrobatic movement, flying dance-theater and strength-training, that flows and continually evolves.


In 2004 we founded AiRealistic with a small group of artists. With AiRealistic we have years of experience as directors, choreographers, coordinators, coaches and producers of everything from 30 person aerial casts flying at over 100 feet, national & international events, and installations.  Over time AiRealistic evolved into sister companies formed by its founders; these companies continue to support each other. Go to to find out more. 

Please join us, we’d love to share our curious, floating world with you.

….the grace, power, and acrobatic skill of the dance ensemble created a highly saturated scene as they seamlessly moved through moments of tension, fantasies of flight, and tales of adventure and sensuality.
— Julia Kennedy, Broadway World

...defied expectations not only of how the law of gravity is supposed to operate, but also of what theatrical combinations of dance and acrobatics look like.
— Jack Anderson, NY Theater Wire