Space Rental

We have a fully equipped aerial studio available for rehearsals, shoots and readings or if you’re working on a new act we also can lend an eye or spotting hand.

Studio Features

  • 20ft. ceiling

  • 25' x 23’ floor area

  • Black or white background available (20'H, 25'W)

  • Easy rigging: 13 points rig-able from the ground

  • Rolling Scaffolding

  • Safety matting covered by black Marley floor

  • Additional mats

  • Bountiful natural light & air

  • Quick & Easy AC / Heat adjustments

  • Wifi & Blue tooth sound system

  • Theater lights available on request

With privacy, easy location and unique features 5th Wall is available for rental by direct appointment. Please email us and let us know what you’re planning so we know how best to support you. Different than the usual per point rental, we are a great location for personal filming and developing acts in small groups. We also offer a variety of creative support if needed such as: facilitating connections for training, choreography, directing and rigging consultation.