Flying Adventure—Intro to Harness

  • All levels welcome
  • No Experience necessary, basic physical health essential

Do you want to Fly? Do you want to have an insane amount of fun and get a phenomenal workout without even realizing you're working? Do you want to do things you never new you could? You can! We'd love to show you how. Sign up to have a beautiful experience you will talk about forever and get totally addicted to. 

This is a 2 point harness class: We cover the foundations needed to flip, spin, travel and spiral-fly safely in the harness. From here we'll place you in the right group for you to learn much, much more. Classes are held by appointment.


Flying Dance

  • Beginner to Advanced

No experience necessary, but this class moves more quickly then the Adventure class. 

Perhaps you're into circus, but new to harness.  Perhaps you're a dancer looking to try aerial. In this class you'll learn the basics of 2 point harness and move quickly into choreography and more.

Or if you've taken our class before; we will dive into the good stuff and get you feeling really confident in the air.



Gymnastics Fitness

Do you want to work out like a gymnast? This class uses core gymnastics techniques to bring your strength and agility to the next level. Using essential gymnastic apparatus like: rings, paralette bars, and floor exercises you will gain strength and flexibility you didn’t know you had in a safe and encouraging environment.  


Intensive Acro Workshops for Dancers and Actors

In these classes you will learn to apply basic acrobatic skills like: rolls, cartwheels and handstands (and even front and back handsprings) modify them and use these skills smoothly and confidently in dance sequences or character moments.


Acrobatic Privates 

This session meets you at your acrobatic level. From no experience to advanced professional. We'll use mats and spotting equipment to develop your skills safely and gradually.


  • Learn the very basics & building blocks of acrobatic movement. Gain strength & work towards incorporating acrobatics into practical dance or acting movement. 
  • Example: Rolls, Hand Stands, Cartwheels. 


  • Transform and expand existing acrobatic movements into unique dance passes & create supporting choreography.
  • Example for dancers: A succinct & fluid acrobatic pass for an audition or show.
  • Example for actors: Create a quirky character scene of acrobatic movement unique to you- think Buster Keaton

 * Basic props can be incorporated if desired: chairs, table, broom, or other props. 


  • Transform acrobatic moves into fluid passes applied in the way you need. Gain mastery of your back handsprings, front handsprings, walkovers and flips.
  • Learn unique entrances and exits expanding your repertoire. Can be used in a dance floor passes, acting scenes, or using props.



Float Fitness Private

Part Pilates, part martial arts (think tai chi) and part dance-
This is a private series tailored for you to strengthen and lengthen with moments of flight and always a sense of play. We will focus on balancing your body's needs, moving safely through your limitations and expanding your abilities.


Float Fitness

Aerial Core- Inspired by Pilates, physical therapy exercises and dance; using hammocks at multiple heights for reformer-like challenges and inversions.  You wont find this class anywhere else.
These classes are strengthening and lengthening with moments of flight and always a sense of play. We'll move back and forth between deep core strengthening and gentle but effective stretches to balance your body.  These classes are vitamins for movers, excellent cross training for all those tiny stabilizing muscles and fun too. 

Aerial Yoga basics- New to aerial?  Learn the basics of flight in a class designed to cultivate strength and confidence with an eye to make sure you leave feeling calm and blissed out  This class is structured like a yoga class and ends in relaxation.  This class is for anyone but you’ll probably have more fun if you wear leggings that cover the backs of your knees. 

Aerial Hammock Flow- Not your first time to the rodeo? Aerial Yoga Flow is designed to build your endurance, aerial repertoire and choreographic styling. We’ll warm up, then learn a challenging sequence and put it to music. Come fly free and flow in your hammock!  We recommend being comfortable in the hammock or having silks or Lyra experience before coming to this one. ;)

Can't decide which class to take?

Try our Studio Wide Intro Pack for new students--2 weeks of unlimited group classes and 2 fly classes for $75! For a limited time, we are also offering current students a Studio Wide Pack for $90. 

Due to our small class sizes and the personal nature of our studio if no one is signed up for group fitness classes by 9pm the night before, 10am classes will be canceled. So sign up in advance! :)