For beginners, fitness enthusiasts, professional dancers, actors, and circus artists. We are a place to get an incredible workout and have a fun, safe adventure in acrobatics and aerial. Start a new journey into the world of flying arts, or deepen your seasoned skills so you can feel confident for auditions and performance.


Gymnastic Strength & Agility

$28  — Single Class
$100 — 4 Class Package

Lyra/Hammock Dance

$28  — Single Class
$125 — 5 Class Package

Flying Dance

$40  — Single Class
$180 — 4 Class Package
$258 — 6 Class Package
$350 — 10 Class Package


Strength & Agility with Billy
$60 — Single Session

Float Fitness with Gwyn
$125 — Single Session
$360 — 4 Session Package
$900 — 10 Session Package

Acrobatic Movement for Dancers & Actors w/ Billy

$125 — Single Session

Flying Dance

$150 — Single Session
$175 — 2 People
$200 — 3 People
$220 — 4 People
$250 — 5 People
$275 — 6 People (2hrs)
$1,250 — 10 Single Session Package


Please email office@5thwallstudio.com to inquire about the sessions, rates and availability.

Group & Private Classes


Group Class Schedule Fall 2019


6:00PM - Gymnastic Strength & Agility

7:00PM - Flying Dance


12:00PM - Aerial Hoop

3:00PM - Flying Dance

6:00PM - Gymnastic Strength & Agility


6:00PM - Hammock Dance

7:15PM - Flying Dance


12:00PM - Flying Dance


4:30PM - Flying Dance

To book a private class, team building sessions, special groups or studio space rental, please click here to make an appointment, or email office@5thwallstudio.com to inquire about rates and availability.


Due to our small class sizes and the personal nature of our studio, we reserve the right to cancel classes due to low enrollment (2 clients or less). Classes that begin at 10AM will be canceled if there is a low enrollment by 9pm the night before, while afternoon classes will be canceled 3 hours before a class. We will of course refund any reservations in that case. So sign up in advance!


World-class Instructors



“I love taking classes that tone my body and soul without realizing how hard I'm working. Gwyn and Bill create a safe and fun environment for learning such a unique skill. I was so surprised how quickly I could learn new choreography and tricks with them. I really appreciate their years of experience in dance, acrobatics, and performance. I highly recommend this class!”

—Suzanne Boothby, Writer, Health Coach, Adventurer at Heart

“Taking class with Gwyn and Bill is a wonderful, inspiring and fun experience. They are kind, professional and safe. Both are incredible movers, especially Gwyn, when she flies effortlessly with Bill's support it is like watching something straight out of heaven. The air awareness looks easier than it actually is, but the time you're able to experiment makes it possible to SEE progress. A warm, enjoyable, affordable experience that I would recommend to anyone wanting to Fly.”

—Paige Allison, Stunt Woman

"To take Flying Classes with Gwyn and Billy is transforming.  You can confront your fears of heights or being upside down because their gentle guidance and encouragement fuels you.  I felt emotional being that free up in the air.  I wish I could do it everyday. “

—Evita Arce, Swing dancer and Teacher at michaelandevita.com

“Flying with Billy and Gwyn at 5th Wall is a joyous exploration of the art of the impossible. For me, the vulnerability I feel aerial dancing is what makes my expression feel more grounded, no irony intended. Bill and Gwyn create a safe space for that vulnerability, and I am free to explore.” 

—Jessica Krueger, Professional Dancer, Acrobat